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[SND]RAL 5772 Tefillah; Does Belief Produce Tefilla Or Does Tefilla Produce Belief (Hebrew Academy).mp32017-10-26 23:34 36M
[SND]RAL 5772 Tefillah; Doesn't HaShem Know What I Need (Hebrew Academy).mp32017-10-26 23:34 33M
[SND]RAL 5776 Tefillah (For Women, (Johannesburg).mp32017-10-26 23:33 17M
[SND]RAL 5776 The Nature Of Tefillah (Tefillah 34 Shema Koleinu).mp32017-10-26 23:35 49M
[SND]RAL 5777 Unanswered Tefillos (Dinner for Beis Yosef, Clifton) (low sound).mp32017-10-26 23:33 12M
[SND]RAL 5777 Why Is Tefillah So Difficult Today.mp32017-10-26 23:33 4.6M
[SND]RAL 5779 Tefilla; Elokai Neshama (Rosh HaShana Day 1, rerecorded).MP32018-11-26 14:09 27M

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