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[SND]RAL Pekudai 5759 Eyin Tov and the Counting of the Mishkan.mp32017-10-26 19:49 43M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5761 The Standing Up Of The Mishkan.mp32017-10-26 19:48 33M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5763 Shulchan and Menora; Two Aspects of Avodah.mp32017-10-26 19:49 45M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5765 The Standing of the Mishkan (Melaveh Malka in Yerushalayim, done after thirty minutes).mp32017-10-26 19:49 40M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5767 Mishkan and Mikdash, Nasi and Melech, Sechel and Lev.mp32017-10-26 19:48 41M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5769 connecting to the infinite by staying in our limits (pekudai 5769).mp32017-10-26 19:49 20M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5769 Connecting To The Infinite By Staying In Our Limits (Pekudai 5769).WMA2017-10-26 19:49 5.1M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5771 Mishkan and Mikdash; Passion and Permanence.mp32017-10-26 19:49 62M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5772 Making the Mishkan Stand.mp32017-10-26 19:50 42M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5773 #2 The Greater Unity (Melaveh Malka At U Of Maryland).wma2017-10-26 19:49 12M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5775 Mishkan HaEdut; Torah & Avodah.mp32017-10-26 19:49 11M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5777 Unity, Shleimus & A Hashra'ah From Above.mp32017-10-26 19:49 29M
[SND]RAL Pekudai 5779 The Pure Light (Passiac - recorded later).MP32019-04-28 11:51 24M
[SND]Yesodei HaTorah 0575 - 0577 Pekudei The Mishkan A Map Of The World (Shiur 80 Rabeinu Bachaye).mp32017-10-26 19:49 27M
[SND]Yesodei HaTorah 0577 - 0579 Pekudei (R' Bachaya, Sforno, Kuzari) (5776).mp32017-10-26 19:50 29M
[SND]Yesodei HaTorah 0579 - 0582 Pekudai (Abarbanel, R' Bachaye) (5777).mp32017-10-26 19:49 20M

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